Welcome to You're Broke.

In this game your goal is to spend all of your credits while producing augments.
(augments? credits? what is this, Cyberpunk 2e77? am I playing as a megacorp? these are all questions better left un-asked.)
When you run out of credits, you can go bankrupt and start over, beginning with a larger pool of credits. After your first bankruptcy several new features will unlock - click on the question mark in the corner for more info on these (NOT IMPLEMENTED).
Have fun and try not to think about our inevitable collapse into a late-stage capitalist hellscape.

You have .
You have .
You are {{ (calculateCreditsPerSec().gt(0) ? 'making' : 'losing') }} /sec. (+{{ format(calculateProfit(), 2) }}/-{{ format(calculateSpending(), 2) }})
You are producing /sec.

You have .
You have gained , which boost augment production by x.
You have spent , which earn /sec.
Made by monkeh42 for the third Incremental Game Jam.
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